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Stuck in Vim - Jun 27, 2017

I had some free time on my hand on a 10 hour flight, so I built a small web app which can help you in case you're using Vim but don't know how to exit the editor. This is a story of how and why.

Streaming multipart/form-data parser for Python - May 06, 2017

Every web framework allows handling multipart/form-data encoded content, but none of those allow for event-driven parsing on such data. Since I needed something like that for work, I ended up writing one and learned a cool new Python technology in the process.

Experiences using Terraform - Mar 09, 2017

In many ways, infrastructure as code makes a lot of sense. Especially when hosting provides are providing servers literally on-demand via their APIs. In this post, I write about one such IaaC software called Terraform, describe how it helped me to set up an entire stack on Amazon Web Services, and write best practices which might be useful.

ELB proxy protocol health check - Jan 23, 2017

In case your application is deployed on AWS-ELB and allows websocket connections, this post shows to handle load balancing and configure health checks.

Non-technical reasons why I like Vue - Nov 13, 2016

The JavaScript landscape is (in)famous for the ever-changing set of “hot new libraries” that one “needs to” adopt. In such a world, using VueJS is a breath of fresh air.