Occasionally when I have free time I like to work on side projects. This page lists the one which reached completion. 🏆


Streaming multipart/form-data parser (#python #web)

Python parser for multipart/form-data encoded data (uploaded via HTML forms). You don't need to pass in all the data at once, but you can pass in input chunks as they are being read from the HTTP request. This module lets you define what you want to do with each input field (stream it to disk/s3/whatever). It also made me realize how useful Cython is.




Beancount DKB (#python #plaintextaccounting #finance)

Beancount importers for converting CSV exports of DKB (Deutsche Kredit Bank) account summaries to the Beancount format. If you're into plain-text accounting and use Beancount and have an account with DKB, you might find this interesting.

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Tornado-SQLAlchemy (#python #web #databases)

tornado-sqlalchemy is a Python library aimed at providing a set of helpers for using the SQLAlchemy database toolkit in Tornado web applications, so that handling database operations is easier/standardized in case you're using the two libraries.

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Clean Jekyll Theme (#ruby, #jekyll)

Jekyll theme I wrote in some free time. While setting up an earlier version of this blog using Jekyll, I found it incredibly frustrating to find a theme that was a bit minimal but didn't require me to fork some random person's Github repository and then make changes. I wanted a theme which I could gem install and be done with it. So I built one.

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Stuck in Vim? (#web #vuejs #vim)

This quick interactive tutorial will show you how you can exit Vim, in case you're stuck. I built this mostly because of the StackOverflow blog post, thinking that such a website might be helpful to some people. Here's some background.

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StackOverflow Instant Search (#web #jquery)

This was when instant search was the new hot thing and everyone was building instant search for every possible website. So I tried building one for StackOverflow. I haven't updated it in 3 years, but it surprisingly still works (mostly).

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