I'm available for software consulting primarily in the backend/devops development space.

🚀 Are you a startup trying to launch ASAP?

I can help your team by building a backend in Python and deploying the code on a hosting provider of your choice.

💼 Are you a bigger team looking for API/website development?

Given the specifications, I can build an API for your product in Python and deploy the code on Amazon Web Services (or a hosting provider of your choice) using SaltStack and Terraform.

🎨 Are you a designer?

I can help take your project to completion by building a backend in Python, and getting it running in production quickly.

👨🏼‍💻 About me

I'm an experienced software developer with a strong background in writing readable, well-tested, scalable, and maintainable code.

My tech stack includes the following -

Languages: Python, JavaScript

Backend: Tornado, Django, Django Rest Framework, Flask

Frontend: VueJS

Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services, SaltStack, Terraform

If this sounds interesting, email me at