Siddhant Goel


I'm a software developer located in Munich, Germany.

Since 2016 I'm working at a small startup called HomeFox which I co-founded, where I help build project management platforms for managing real-estate work.

In the past I've worked at companies including Slideshare, Skoobe, 42reports, and TrustYou.


The best way to get in touch with me is via email at

I'm not really active on social media, mostly because I don't find it helpful anymore. So the only other web-presence I maintain is Github and LinkedIn.


My interests include backend software, infrastructure (devops, if you need buzzwords), and more recently, Racket.

At the moment, most of my time is spent surrounded by things like Python, Tornado, VueJS, AWS, SaltStack, Terraform, and a few others I'm forgetting right now.

I've been writing Python code close to 10 years now and consider myself to be fairly useful with the language. I've had the chance to use it at almost all the companies where I've worked so far, and also currently maintain a few projects written in the language.